Police seize 202mph Ferrari because driver has no licence

A Ferrari 458 was stopped by police who discovered the driver did not have a valid licence to drive it.

Thames Valley Police tweeted this picture from the roadside
Thames Valley Police tweeted this picture from the roadside

The £200,000 supercar, which goes from 0-60mph in less than three seconds, was pulled over by police at the Bicester Junction of the M40 on Sunday morning after reports of it speeding.

But when the driver was questioned by officers, he admitted to not having a valid licence so police impounded the car and towed it away.

The man was dropped off by officers at the closest point of safety off Junction 9 and was reported for driving without a licence.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “Officers pulled over a Ferrari 458 on the M40 northbound just prior to J9 at 9.15am on Sunday, after receiving reports that a car had been driving quickly up the motorway. It transpired the driver had no licence.

“In a case like this, they are asked to produce an insurance certificate and valid licence to a police station within 14 days.

“The car can then be recovered from the agent for £150 plus £20 per day it is held.

“The Fixed Penalty Unit then look at records and apply a penalty or refer to a magistrates court.”

The Ferrari 458 was towed away