Police officer dismissed from Thames Valley Police for gross misconduct

Thames Valley Police PNL-141107-120748001
Thames Valley Police PNL-141107-120748001

A Thames Valley Police constable has been dismissed for gross misconduct after falsely claiming his vehicle had been stolen.

PC Tom Mynehan was a patrol officer at Cowley Police Station in Oxford and reported to the force on July 30 2013 that his Alfa Romeo 147 had been taken from a lay-by on the A40 between Witney and Carterton.

He also contacted his insurance company to report the vehicle as stolen, where his insurers issued him with a cheque for the value of the vehicle.

When concerns about the report arose, Thames Valley Police’s Professional Standards Department investigated the matter and determined PC Mynehan had a case to answer for gross misconduct.

At a subsequent hearing, the panel found PC Myneham, or someone acting on his behalf, had arranged for the vehicle to be removed from the lay-by and scrapped.

He had therefore lied to the police and to his insurance company about the disappearance of his car.

PC Mynehan was dismissed from the force last Friday for two breaches of the Standards of Professional Behaviour, and has not been charged with any criminal offence in connection with the incident.

Detective Chief Supt Tim De Meyer of Thames Valley Police’s Professional Standards Department, said: “The thoroughness of this investigation demonstrates that Thames Valley Police takes reports of misconduct extremely seriously.

“For the public to have confidence in the police they must be able to trust us and there can therefore be no place in the police for those who do not act with integrity.

“Thankfully, cases such as this are rare but I hope that the outcome sends a strong message to the public and to other police officers. The dismissal of PC Mynehan shows that there will be serious consequences for officers who are found to have been dishonest and that the public can trust Thames Valley Police to take tough action to tackle misconduct.”