Police and scouts find 81 cars unlocked during operation

Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police

Scouts and officers from Thames Valley Police discovered 81 parked cars had been left unlocked during an operation in Cherwell.

Officers and youngsters from 1st Heyford Park Scout Group and 1st Grimsbury Scout Group visited four rural villages around Cherwell last Friday night. They tested the door handles of parked cars and, if they discovered a door was unlocked, warned the owners and gave them advice. Across the four villages, they discovered 81 cars had been left unlocked by their owners, including 50 in one village.

Sergeant Rebecca Fishwick, of Banbury police station, said: “We have had several vehicles that have been broken into in rural areas this year, and the reports have indicated that the vehicles were left insecure.

“It was really great to work with the local scouts, who provided us with great assistance and allowed us to check more vehicles, but this does highlight the need for people to remain vigilant and keep their property secure.”