Plans approved for ancient burial mound

Planning permission has been granted for the construction of an ancient round barrow used for the storage of cremation ashes.
Mid England barrow interior (courtesy Adrian Travis Photography) NNL-190802-112159001Mid England barrow interior (courtesy Adrian Travis Photography) NNL-190802-112159001
Mid England barrow interior (courtesy Adrian Travis Photography) NNL-190802-112159001

The barrow, known as Mid-England Barrow, will be built on a farm just outside Farnborough by specialised craftsmen using traditional stonewalling techniques.

It is then covered in soil, giving the external appearance of the tumuli or barrows that date back 5,000 years. An entrance of standing stones will lead into three chambers of individual niches, each able to house five urns.

Farmer Richard Beeby, said: “We have been lucky enough to be one of the last to benefit from a grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. It was a long process, but we were confident. Our main hurdle was helping people to understand what we are trying to achieve.”

Once each niche is filled they are secured with a personalised cover made from stone, glass or other materials.

Mid-England Barrow co-owner Sarah Smart said: “It’s a very exciting time. We knew something like this was needed, with 75 per cent of people being cremated, and graveyards becoming full. Lots of ashes are left with undertakers, or, in some cases, stored in the garage, probably because there are few alternatives available.

“This way, family can visit as often as they wish, and be satisfied that their loved one is resting in a beautiful rural location. Imagine a peaceful place, birds singing, bees and butterflies in abundance, and wild flowers moving in the breeze. That’s what Mid-England Barrow will offer.”

The barrow is due for completion in June.

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