Plan for 90-home development in Kineton is refused

Kineton, where a large housing development plan has been turned down
Kineton, where a large housing development plan has been turned down

A developer’s attempt to get planning consent to build 90 houses on fields on the outskirts of Kineton has failed.

A planning inspector upheld a decision made by Stratford upon Avon District Council and a planning inspector to refuse permission for the homes on Walton Fields, Banbury Road.

A report on behalf of the Secretary of State, released last week, agrees with planning inspector who ruled that the plan did not comply with the Stratford-upon-Avon Core Strategy (SACS) or the Kineton Neighbourhood Development Plan (KNDP).

The report says the housing development in the plans submitted by Sharba Homes would not be assimilated into the landscape but would be a ‘somewhat isolated block of development providing an uncharacteristically straight line to the edge of the settlement’.

It says: “He further agrees that the proposal would be incongruous, intrusive and damaging to the character of (Kineton) and the surrounding landscape, contrary to the aims of the SACS.”

The Secretary of State’s report acknowledges that the housing sites in the Kineton Plan represent the choice expressed by local people to ensure that they get what they perceive as the right types of development in the places that they consider right for their community.

He was in agreement with the original planning inspector that the plans put forward by Sharba Homes are out of kilter with the distribution of development at Kineton envisaged in the neighbourhood plan.

He said the district council had demonstrated an up-to-date, five-year housing land supply and although there were economic and social benefits to the scheme, there would be harm to the environmental role of sustainable development.