Petition launched to remove HGVs from town centre streets

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A petition to stop lorries from passing through the centre of Chipping Norton has been launched.

Guy Wall, West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) candidate for the Chipping Norton ward, is calling for HGVs to be no longer allowed to pass through the town.

Mr Wall said Oxon County Council had removed its small town strategy from its most recent local transport plan which meant a proposed lorry route which would take A44 lorries out of town would not be implemented.

But, he added, WODC had shown its support for major infrastructure investment in the centre of Chipping Norton. He said: “This is a great step forward. County Councillor Hilary Biles has been working with Barry Norton, the leader of WODC, for some time on this and I am delighted to hear that WODC will support a proposal for future funding for Chipping Norton.

“This will help our plans to remove the majority of HGVs from the centre of Chipping Norton.”