Warwickshire hunt 'would have stopped kill' of deer - saboteurs say 'no wildlife is safe' after third filmed kill this season

Hunt saboteurs say 'serious questions' need to be asked about the Warwickshire Hunt after the killing of a muntjac deer was filmed this week.

By Roseanne Edwards
Thursday, 30th December 2021, 11:21 am
Updated Thursday, 30th December 2021, 12:00 pm
Hounds kill the muntjac deer
Hounds kill the muntjac deer

A Warwickshire spokesman said there were no members of the hunt present at the kill or they would have intervened. But the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs (WMHS) said no wildlife is safe as long as the hunt's hounds are on the loose in the countryside.

The kill happened on Tuesday (December 28) in countryside near Shipston.

A WMHS spokesman released a film and a media statement that said: "Members of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs filmed the hounds chasing a small deer. The hounds were unaccompanied by anyone from the hunt and no one from the hunt appeared to do anything to stop the chase.

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"The two lead hounds eventually caught and brought down the deer, the rest of the pack soon caught up and began ripping it to shreds. Eventually a member of the hunt arrived and began dragging the body away before taking his jacket off and using it to help him drag it away out of sight.

"Serious questions need to be asked of the Warwickshire Hunt. This is the second time this month we have filmed the Warwickshire Hunt killing our wildlife and third time this hunting season.

"When asked by the press for a response last time they claimed it was an unavoidable “accident”. How many more unavoidable “accidents” are they going to have before the end of the season? It’s clear to anyone that the Warwickshire Hunt hounds are completely out of control, killing anything that moves. If we are to believe the Warwickshire Hunt that it is unavoidable then no wildlife is safe as long as their hounds are on the loose in the countryside.

"The only conclusion to be drawn is that Warwickshire Hunt need to stop taking their hounds out into the countryside as this is surely the only way to avoid our wildlife being killed. A hunt who continues to take their hounds out into the countryside knowing that a kill is unavoidable is a hunt who is intentionally and deliberately illegally hunting our wildlife.

A muntjac deer - a small deer, a native of China, that cannot run fast - like the one killed by hounds near Shipston on Tuesday. Picture by Getty

"We would question the motives of a fox hunt who have deliberately chosen to employ a huntsman who has previously been convicted under the Hunting Act. A huntsman who repeatedly takes the hounds to places he knows he will find foxes."

A spokesman for the Warwickshire Hunt said: "The Warwickshire Hunt is aware of the distressing event that took place on December 28 while the hunt was conducting their lawful hunting activities.

"There were no members of hunt staff present at the time of the incident otherwise they would have immediately intervened to stop the two hounds, however, a member of the team was on the scene as quickly as possible.

"Incidents of this nature involving hounds are incredibly rare due to the professionalism with which the hounds are managed and trained, however, the hunt has taken this matter very seriously and is reviewing its procedures."

The first hound leaps onto the deer which is trying to escape

If you cannot see the YouTube film click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGVR3eujwSgOn December 15, saboteurs filmed the Warwickshire Hunt near Broughton which appeared to show a man hitting his horse and 'traffic chaos' as the hunt travelled along a road. And on December 8, they were filmed trying to hide the dead body of a fox in front of hunt protesters. The hunt said this was an 'unavoidable' kill.

A huntsman uses his coat to drape over the corpse of the deer as he drags it away