Vigil to be held at Oxhill pig farm Tesco shunned

Pigs at Hogwood Farm, pictured by Viva! organisation NNL-190827-171709001
Pigs at Hogwood Farm, pictured by Viva! organisation NNL-190827-171709001

Animal rights campaigners are hoping that many will join them at a protest vigil outside the Oxhill pig farm, dropped as a supplier to Tesco last week.

Hogwood Farm first hit the headlines in 2017 when vegan campaign group Viva! released photos and video footage of pigs housed in ‘horrific’ conditions.

A pig at Hogwood Farm NNL-190827-171637001

A pig at Hogwood Farm NNL-190827-171637001

The Banbury Guardian was forced to put a warning on the video because of the possibility of distressing readers,

Viva has continued to share images and descriptions from the farm, which rears up to 16,000 pigs for meat at any time.

And last week the farm lost its contract with Tesco.

Sue Jordan of WarwickshireAnimalSave said: “We wouldlove people to join us at the hell for pigs that is Hogwood Farm for our next vigil on Sunday, September 8 from noon - 3pm.

“Upto 16,000 pigs are suffering horrific conditions and the only escape is death.

“Tesco and Red Tractor have recently dropped their connection with Hogwood after Viva! charity launched another investigation this year that exposed the cruelty and suffering taking place inside.

“To our knowledge this place will still operate as normal but having lost their biggest supplier, this will have an impact like no other.

“We need to continue raising our voices and ensure they know we haven’t forgotten and we’ll continue to stand up for these pigs. We cannot ignore the suffering. We are the only hope they have.”

Hogwood Farm owner Brian Hobill said the farm and staff had been harrassed by the activists for two years.

He said the farm has passed all inspections including spot checks by Animal Health, DEFRA, Red Tractor, Trading Standards and Tesco.

But Lex Rigby, Viva! Campaigns Manager said: “The (new) decision by Tesco, Red Tractor and Cranswick to drop Hogwood Farm is huge. For the past two years, Hogwood Farm has been at the forefront of our minds and many people have been affected by the horrific level of abuse cruelty we witnessed.

“Finally, Tesco has taken a stand against the systematic abuse of Hogwood pigs and the farmer’s continued negligence.

“Since we began our investigations in 2017 we have received an outpouring of support and are so grateful to Warwickshire Animal Save for organising vigil after vigil to raise awareness.”