Update on fire - Banbury house gutted

Heroic Banbury firefighters helped to save the occupants of a Mascord Road house in the early hours of this morning.
The gutted Mascord Road, Banbury houseThe gutted Mascord Road, Banbury house
The gutted Mascord Road, Banbury house

It is understood a man and a woman and a dog were rescued from the blazing home, according to neighbours.

Fire appliances attended the blaze in the early hours of today (Sunday). They were aided by teams from Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire fire services.

Banbury police also took part in the operation, putting a cordon in place to close off the road to allow the firefighters full access.

Local councillor for Ruscote, Cllr Mark Cherry paid tribute to the emergency services. He said: "As Labour county councillor for Banbury Ruscote I want to say that without the valiant effort of Oxfordshire Fire Service, lives could have been lost at the Mascord Road property.

"Tthe ongoing professionalism and skill set of fire service personnel continue to save lives in Banbury and Oxfordshire and I want add thank to all Oxfordshire Fire officers who put there lives on the line everyday for the people of Banbury and Oxfordshire."