Two Banbury men collaborate to write tribute song to those lost during Covid-19 pandemic

Two Banbury men collaborated to write a tribute song to those lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 7:34 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 8:04 pm

Ronnie Johnson, a longtime business owner of Banbury's travel tour company ‘Star UK Travel,’ has collaborated with a local musician, Roger Yarwood, to write a tribute song to those lost during the pandemic. The lyrics for the song are something Ronnie has worked on throughout the pandemic, and finished product was the result of a collaboration with Roger Yarwood.

Ronnie said: "On Valentine’s day 2020 I attended a funeral in my hometown of Banbury. It was for a work colleague of my partner Julie and I found the service very moving and from nowhere on arrival home I sat down and penned a type of ode!

"My normal effort would be 'The Cat Sat On The Mat.' Of course, I never really knew what was on the horizon with the impending Covid 19 Pandemic and the extreme challenges and grief that engulfed our nation and indeed the world.

Ronnie Johnson and Roger Yarwood collaborated to put together the song 'Today Life Goes On,' which Roger sang and performed for a video filmed by Ronnie Johnson (Image from Ronnie Johnson)

"For me, this was a real task, in 2004 I had been on a BBC production 'Can’t sing singers' hosted by Lorraine Kelly, and got to the final stages, but cut for the final Birmingham team. Lucky for them probably as they went on to win the final. As I say I have not got a musical ear.

"I decided to approach a family friend, Roger Yarwood, who is 75 years old and been a singer and guitar coach for many many years to ascertain whether he thought we could make my notes into a song.

"To my surprise he was enthused with the idea and over a couple of weeks we collaborated to tweak and shape the words into a finished piece.

"I feel that with the heavy toll of deaths in the last year the words are poignant. And I hope also reflective as a note to people left behind.

"Roger and I would love to get to a recording studio for a 'proper version' of the song as a possible charity single."

Ronnie has filmed Roger Yarwood performing the song collaboration, which he shared with the Banbury Guardian.

Here is the song and its lyrics:

Today life goes on!

'We always knew the day would come when we would go from two to one

'We often talked about this day when one would go and one would stay


'Life goes on life goes on and the memories are strong,

'your name will live and carry on

'Life goes on life goes on

'Thank you for the life we’ve shared ups and downs there were a few

'We had a bond that kept us strong over time that’s got us through


'Life goes on life goes on and the memories are strong,

'Your name will live and carry on

'Life goes on life goes on

'I hope that I have made you proud I hope that I have made you smile, I know that I am proud of you as we’ve walked life’s winding mile

'And when the story finally ends and say our last good byes, we can look up to the stars with love and peace of mind.

'Life goes on, Life goes on………..'