TV hypnotist from Banbury to talk anxiety with celebs at charity event

TV hypnotist Chris Hughes from Banbury NNL-190430-164405001
TV hypnotist Chris Hughes from Banbury NNL-190430-164405001

A TV hypnotist from Banbury is inviting anyone with mental health issues to a mass therapy session with celebrities for charity.

Chris Hughes is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with his body image and anxiety workshop, Social Trance, at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham on May 14.

Numerous famous faces from television and music will be joining him for hypnotherapy, discussions and exercises to uncover the sources of mental illnesses.

“Stress and anxiety are taking a massive toll, particularly on the younger people in our society and I am seeing it daily. So many people feel trapped by their anxiety, but I believe understanding why, is the key to finding a solution and taking back control of their minds,” he said.

Among the celebs will be actors Paul Danan and Thomas Turgoose, musician Shane Nolan, presenter Nadia Essex and Para-Olympian Micky Yules.

There will also be plenty of names from reality TV, including Big Brother 2018 contestants Akeem Griffiths and Tomasz Wania, First Date’s Jay Watkin, and Ben Jardine of Married at First Sight.

Chris said: “I work with a lot of celebrities both on TV and in therapy and many of them feel very close to this issue and wanted to make some kind of contribution, even simply by sharing their own experiences.

“There’s sure to be a few laughs and plenty of entertaining banter to balance out the more serious discussions.”

Chris himself is well-known for his TV appearances where he teams up with celebs to demonstrate the power of hypnosis in varying situations. He is also a certified clinical therapist, specialising in helping people with anxiety.

Chris will use volunteers to demonstrate how negative thought processes and phobias are created and show how they can be overpowered through simple techniques.

While he assures that there is no obligation to take part in any of the activities, he invites guests to simply attend and contribute to a good cause with all proceeds from the event going to the Mental Health Foundation.

Guests can also meet the celebs afterwards. To find out more, visit