Tesco drops Oxhill pig farm after seeing video of 'brutal' treatment

Pigs at Hogwood Farm, Oxhill videoed by Viva
Pigs at Hogwood Farm, Oxhill videoed by Viva

Tesco has dropped supplies from a farm in Oxhill after seeing undercover footage from an animal rights charity.

The video by vegan and animal welfare organisation VIVA showed ‘distressing scenes’ at Hogwood Farm.

The Banbury Guardian revealed a distressing catalogue of claims by the organisation in June 2017. Viva has continued to campaign against conditions it says are unacceptable at Hogwood Farm.

Red Tractor has this week suspended Hogwood’s certification in response to the new hidden camera footage.

Pigs were filmed being hit by workers at the farm and in one case a pig was attacked and bitten by others, Viva claimed.

The owner said the filming was not a true picture of his farm.

He disputes the claims made by VIVA, saying that care of animals was his top priority and that official inspections had raised no concerns about pigs reared on the site.

But a Tesco spokesperson said: “We have asked our supplier, Cranswick, to stop all supply from Hogwood. These are distressing and unacceptable scenes which fall well below the high animal welfare standards we require from all of our suppliers.”

VIVA visited the farm in 2017 and 2018, to film their concerns but it was only after they returned in July this year that action has been taken.

A spokesperson for VIVA said: “The 2019 investigation footage shows piglets kicked and thrown by farm workers, terrified pigs struck with metal riding crops and hand tools, confined pigs being painfully injected and dead pigs dumped into rotting piles.

“Shockingly, pigs were still being brutally bitten and bullied by others, unable to escape the constant attacks.

“In response to the VIVA investigation footage, Red Tractor suspended Hogwood’s certification whilst pending further inspections.

“Shortly afterwards, Tesco – in direct response to footage obtained by Viva! – stopped accepting all supplies from Hogwood Farm.

“VIVA’s third investigation, it seemed, proved a horror too far.”