Silverstone campers' drones intercepted by Police

Officers policing the British Grand Prix at Silverstone have located and seized two drones being flown illegally within the restricted zone around the circuit.

Sunday, 14th July 2019, 11:12 am
Campers using drones were found by Northants Police

Northamptonshire Police officers and drone specialists from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service detected the devices earlier today, Saturday, July 13, using drone detection and pilot detection software.

The pilots were located in campsites that fell within the two and a half mile Civil Air Authority flying restriction zone which is currently in place around the Silverstone heliport.

The pilots have been spoken to by police and the drones were seized.

Policing commander for the event, Superintendent Dennis Murray, said: “The specialist software has so far proved extremely effective. We have been able to detect the drones and locate the pilots following these two incidents and the pilots have been spoken to.

“I want to remind people that drones are a prohibited item and will be confiscated if bought to the circuit. People should also be aware that a two and a half mile CAA flying restriction cordon is in place around the circuit heliport and this also takes in most of the campsites.

“Officers will continue to monitor the software for unauthorised use of drones and will also be on the lookout during their regular patrols of the circuit and campsites. Anyone found to be breaking the rules with regard to the relevant legislation will be spoken to and appropriate action taken.”

A 2.5 mile flying restriction cordon is in place around the circuit – this means that no drones will be allowed to fly within that cordon unless they have approval from the heliport tower.