Shutford pub's former landlord gets thumbs down from Dragon's Den

Former landlord Paul Stanley fails to get investment in his Cloven Hoof rum
Former landlord Paul Stanley fails to get investment in his Cloven Hoof rum

Banburyshire ex-landlord of the George and Dragon, Shutford has failed to wow the Dragons with his booze.

Paul Stanley, featured in the Banbury Guardian in 2017 appeared on the first episode of a new series of Dragon's Den this evening (Sunday) in an attempt to get investment from the millionaire business tycoons for his spiced rum, Cloven Hoof.

But though dragons Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, Toukah Suliman and new member of the team, Sara Davies loved the booze, they all rejected Stanley's cheeky bid.

For Stanley, who blamed the demise of his tenancy of the pub on his chef, revealed he had received a bid for investment in his spiced rum only a short while before he acted his bid to the BBC 2 filmed show.

Stanley described the losses in the early part of the Cloven Hoof start up.

He told the Dragons panel his latest succces had been through a major supermarket chain which wanted to sell Cloven Hoof in its 650 stores.

His business skills were questioned after he confessed his business at the George and Dragon had failed because of his choice of chef. He said he wanted to get a Dragon on board in order to 'add weight to the business'.

Business supremo Peter Jones said: "It's one of the best pitches I've seen. (but) You valued (your new investors) more than you value me. I'm out."

Tej Lalvani said: "Fantastic pitch and a great tasting product. But things have got complicated. I'm out."

Deborah Meaden said: "You have a lovely product. But I wish you'd asked for investment before you'd agreed those deals. You've made it un-investible. I'm out."

Stanley told the programme the deal that had reached him before the programme had taken him off guard.