Shipston woman publishes first book with education sci-fi themed debut novel

A Shipston woman has published her debut novel about a futuristic world where education is not a given, but a privilege.

By Matt Elofson
Tuesday, 23rd June 2020, 1:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd June 2020, 1:54 pm
Career eductor from Shipston, Chris Malone, holds her new book 'Zade'
Career eductor from Shipston, Chris Malone, holds her new book 'Zade'

Chris Malone, who is a retired eductor of 30 years, has released her new book called 'Zade' through Austin Macauley Publishers.

Chris Malone has been a teacher, headteacher, and an Ofsted inspector, as well as setting up and managing pre-schools, and leading a further education centre. She has worked in county councils, most recently as assistant Director for Education in Warwickshire, previously occupying leadership roles in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

Her most recent role before retirement in 2018 involved serving as head of education and learning for Warwickshire County Council. Prior to that Chris worked as the strategic lead for education quality for Oxfordshire County Council.

The new book, 'Zade' is an education science-fiction themed story about its titled character Zade who stands up against the establishment of society.

The publishers provided the following summary for the futuristic education tale.

In its futuristic world, unbeknown to parents, the education system has become a dystopian drug-fueled sham.

Children with scintillated eyes attend the high-performing grammar academies of the Central Area. Those who fail the Four-Plus are forcibly displaced to the dilapidated shanty towns of the Periphery.

Zade, a fiercely independent school-refuser, is on a mission to uncover what causes scintillation. She discovers others who secretly share her alarm, combining forces with Central Area School commissioner, Alexandra Essex, with figureheads from the education underground, and with five-year-old, Lucas Patel, whose family has been displaced to the Periphery because his younger brother Noah failed to scintillate.

As Zade's understanding grows, so does her determination to restore empathy and ethics to this dehumanising regime.

Can Zade, homeless and powerless, expose the sophisticated 'con- trick' perpetrated by the education elite? Can she, against the odds, end the drug-dependency and end scintillation itself, releasing millions of unknowing families from its grasp?

The book is now on sale through the publisher's website here: and through Amazon.

Zade a novel by Chris Malone