Plans for nine new homes in village near Banbury draw more than 100 comments from public

Plans for a development of nine new homes in a village near Banbury have drawn more than 100 comments from the public.

Plans for up to nine new homes have been submitted to Cherwell District Council in the village of Great Bourton near Banbury (Image from the planning application submitted to CDC online)
Plans for up to nine new homes have been submitted to Cherwell District Council in the village of Great Bourton near Banbury (Image from the planning application submitted to CDC online)

Local area developers Fernhill Estates has submitted a planning application for up to nine entry-level affordable houses on land west of Foxden Way, Great Bourton.

The development proposals include a pedestrian linkage from South View to the allotments, which they contend will enhance pedestrian safety for existing residents who currently access the allotments by walking along School Lane, Crow Lane and Foxden Way.

The planning application contends there several key benefits in supporting this development, which include how it helps fulfil the unmet housing needs in Cherwell District against a rapidly growing housing waiting list, including specific housing needs in Great Bourton and the surrounding villages.

The application also said the development would provide entry-level housing, encouraging young people to remain in the local area.

The developers said the new houses will be for first time buyers, and will be part of the new government initiative of “first homes.” Developers also said the homes will be for local first time buyers, and key workers from Cherwell District. They will be sold at a 30 per cent discount to market value, and will be capped at a maximum sale price of £250,000. The 30 per cent discount will be applied to the properties in perpetuity.

The developers claim this will be the first “first homes” application in Cherwell.

The developers said: "It's a really exciting opportunity for young families and key workers of NHS, the police, fire and military."

The planning application has received more than 100 comments submitted online to Cherwell District Council, many of which are objections.

One couple submitted a comment about the development, which said: "We wish to object to the proposed development on Foxden Way, Great Bourton. This proposed development will significantly impact on the traffic on both Foxden Way, School lane and Crow Lane. All are narrow lanes, with blind bends where traffic can't easily pass.

"This part of the village is not suitable for increased traffic. Neither School Lane or Crow Lane have passing places and inevitably Foxden Way will become the main access route. This is an extremely busy lane with no pedestrian provision used extensively by dog walkers, pedestrians, families with buggies, cyclists, horse riders etc not to mention farm vehicles.

"Great Bourton has limited amenities, transport services or accessible shops. Use of a car is essential and traffic will definitely be increased in order to access basic necessities.

Another local resident submitted an objection online, which said: "Whilst I am supportive of the provision of affordable housing, I object to this planning application on the following grounds: inappropriate extension of village boundary/infringement of green belt, lack of local infrastructure facilities, eg transport services, amenities, inadequate services, eg drainage and unsuitable location, with restricted/limited road access."

The developers submitted a response online to Cherwell District Council to the comments submitted by local residents objecting the planning application.

Part of their response said: "There is no evidence to justify their comment that our proposals would 'significantly increase' traffic. Our Highways submissions utilise TRICS data to estimate movements from the site using an approved methodology. Parking is not a detailed matter for this stage of our proposals and any detailed submissions would comply with the council's requirements in this regard."

The developers also said the following in their response to the objections: 'the application site is located where the Government envisages entry-level homes should be delivered.'

The developers also said they have received a dozen letters of support are from local residents in Little Bourton, Banbury, Mollington, Wardington and the village of Brailes.

If you would like to submit a comment about this pending planning application for new homes in Great Bourton you can use the following web link to the Cherwell District Council planning portal: Cherwell District Council planning committee has yet to make a determination on this pending planning application. A target decision date has been set for June 30.

The next scheduled Cherwell planning committee meeting has been set for June 17. It's unclear if this application will be discussed at next month's meeting as the agenda will not come out until June 10.