Pavements in some of Ruscote's residential streets are too dangerous for wheelchair access, according to one Banbury resident

Footpaths in some of the streets of Ruscote estate are too dangerous for wheelchair access, according to one frustrated resident.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 4:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 4:14 pm
Residents have complained about the state of pavements on some streets in the Ruscote area of Banbury
Residents have complained about the state of pavements on some streets in the Ruscote area of Banbury

The woman, who prefers not to be named, said she has tried to get something done about the state of the crumbling pavements, without success.

"My Mother is at the later stages of early on-set dementia and with her being unable to weight bear, walk or even talk over the last few years, the only highlight for her - and something that stimulates her- is to take her for a walk in her wheelchair around this estate where she has lived on for over 50 years," she said.

"However it is so dangerous and frightening for her and me because of the state of the paths. She nearly fell out behind Hillview Park a couple of years ago as her wheel got caught in a crack in the pavement. It was then I started my letter writing but just got passed from pillar to post.

Morris Drive, Banbury, one of the streets with pavements in serious disrepair, according to residents. Picture by Google

"For the past three years I have written to so many different people about the state of the pavements around Sinclair Avenue, Austin Drive, Morris Drive and other Hillview areas. I have written to local MP Victoria Prentis but got no reply; contacted Banbury town council who referred me to Cherwell District Council and I was then passed to Oxfordshire Highways - all to no avail.

"It’s not any particular spot that I can report, it’s all the pathways. I have lived in this area for 50 years and in that time I can’t ever remember a resurface taking place."

"After being law abiding citizens, who have always paid their council tax and any taxes all their lives, I find it infuriating that I have to take my Mother out by mostly using the roads around this estate rather than the paths."

A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council said: "Oxfordshire County Council carries out regular inspections of footpaths to check for deep structural deterioration. These inspections, combined with local knowledge from our highways teams, will help us decide which areas to shortlist for priority treatment.

One resident has to take her wheelchair-bound mother out on the roads because the footpaths are too dangerous, she says

"Our engineers will be carrying out footway reconstruction work in Fairway, Ruscote, in Banbury, during this financial year after it was identified as a priority.

"However, residents can report more localised defects through the Fix My Street app which can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website."

A spokesman for Mrs Prentis' office said: "Victoria has raised this with the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council."