Oxfordshire charity celebrates much-loved wildlife species on National Badger Day

Today - Wednesday October 6 - marks National Badger Day - a time when groups around the country are celebrating one of the most iconic and much loved wildlife species in our countryside.

By Matt Elofson
Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 5:32 pm
Banbury cub photo (Image from Oxfordshire Banbury Group)
Banbury cub photo (Image from Oxfordshire Banbury Group)

Oxfordshire Badger Group has been protecting the welfare and conservation of Oxfordshire’s badgers for 30 years, advising the public, landowners, and councils.

This is the third successful year of OBG’s badger vaccination programme made possible by the support and donations of the public and dedication of a team of volunteers.

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire Badger Group said: "We are often called to rescue injured badgers and work closely with local wildlife rescue groups, as well as offering training days for members of the public who are keen to get involved in badger conservation.

"We work with farmers, landowners and other wildlife groups to deliver free vaccination for badgers and the scheme is growing each year.

"We believe that controlling the disease in the herd is the only effective way forward to control BTb in cattle. Despite assurances to phase out the costly, cruel and unscientific badger cull, the Government continues to issue new cull licences. Over 75,000 badgers could be killed this year including over 2,500 in this county, which is more than double the numbers killed in 2020.

For more information about the Oxfordshire Badger Group charity see their website here: www.oxonbadgergroup.org.uk"Badgers have been part of our countryside for hundreds of years and are protected by law. Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in persecution and ask members of the public to report crime or any suspicious activity. We would also welcome volunteers to be badger guardians and keep an eye on their local sett.

"In an increasingly nature depleted countryside please join with us to celebrate and protect Oxfordshire’s beautiful badgers."

Badger - photo from Oxfordshire Badger Group

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Adam Laidlaw, executive director of Badger Trust charity, said: “National Badger Day and the month ahead give us all an opportunity to celebrate these iconic wild animals. We encourage our badger supporters, followers and all friends of wildlife to join the celebrations, and to help us share why we should care for and conserve badgers and their habitats.

“We can’t let the Government’s senseless badger cull or the many crimes badgers face, deter us from celebrating and championing this amazing native species."

How much do you know about the badger?

The Welsh name for badger is moch daear, which translates as what? Answers: Earth pig, fat panda, or shy bear.

See the answer to the quiz question and many more with a badger quiz here through the Badger Trust charity's website: https://www.badgertrust.org.uk/badger-quiz

The Badger Trust website also said: "We're celebrating the beauty and wonder of badgers and all that wildlife and nature brings to us. National Badger Day is a brilliant opportunity to share our love for badgers with each other. And using the #LoveBadgers tag during October gathers together these positive stories.

"Despite the horror of the ongoing badger cull, there are joyful moments too. So many of us recognise how nature and wildlife are an important part of our lives, one we need to value and engage with more than ever.

"National Badger Day and the month ahead give us all an opportunity to celebrate these iconic wild animals. It's also a time to hope for a better future for them, one which we continue to campaign for."

For more about National Badger Day and how you can help see the Badger Trust website here: https://www.badgertrust.org.uk/national-badger-day