One of UK's oldest dancers takes part in entertainment at Wardington village fete

She could be one of the oldest morris dancers in the world.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 10:56 am
The Adderbury Village Morris Men (AVMM) with 101-year-old Evelyn Phillips (centre) at the Wardington Fete.

And on Sunday (September 1) 101-year-old Wardington resident Evelyn Phillips entertained people at the village fete.

Evelyn joined in a dance with the ten dancers and two musicians of the Adderbury Village Morris Men (AVMM) who performed 14 dances in total at the fete which took place in the sunshine at the gardens of Upper Wardington Manor House.

Evelyn, a lifelong dancer and also the village’s oldest resident, formerly opened the event.

And along with nine other volunteers, she joined the dancing group for an audience participation version of Shepherd’s Hey. Richard Teare of the AVMM said: “The afternoon was memorable for fine dancing, great camaraderie and much laughter. Our two hobby horses provided splendid entertainment to a large crowd.

"Twelve-year-old jockey Theo rode Percy and won a two horse race during the children’s sports, gaining a creditable third place in the best dressed animal competition and even joining in a Tai Chi demonstration.

"It was altogether a fine afternoon and we can’t wait to return to Wardington again next year."

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