New exhibition at Banbury gallery

Art fans will get a chance to meet the artists at Banbury's Church Lane Gallery this week, in readiness for Octobers ‘Birds, Bees and Autumn Leaves’ showcase.
Church Lane GalleryChurch Lane Gallery
Church Lane Gallery

Artists Karen Baum, Janet Bird, Emma Wilkinson, and Jane Wimbury will be exhibiting a series of new paintings, glassware, clocks and crafts in their own unique styles.

Karen Baum specialises in felt art painting with wool, silk and cotton fibres as well as creating watercolours, mixed media and illustrated poetry made especially for this exhibition.

Karen said: “I use a colourful palette of wool, some dyed naturally from avocados, red and white onion skins and some commercially dyed merino wool, silks and cotton threads.

Church Lane GalleryChurch Lane Gallery
Church Lane Gallery

"My work is inspired by the changing colours, textures and movement of the seasons, from the cascading autumn leaves of crimson, copper and gold to the delicate stirring of pink and white spring blossoms.”

Originally from Northern Ireland, Janet Bird’s paintings are inspired by the beauty of the British countryside and the animals that inhabit it.

Janet said: ”We are lucky, living in this area, to be able to get out into the countryside easily to explore its flora and fauna.

"Many artists find inspiration in the majestic 'big beasts' of Africa and Asia, but it is the more understated, but no less beautiful, wildlife of Britain that I am drawn to paint."Emma Wilkinson, who lives in Fenny Compton, has sold her artwork and hand painted wall clocks around the world, with her artwork frequently featuring bold lines and deep colours.

She frequently weaves tongue in cheek humour into her work, ‘Green sleeves’ is a re-working of Sir Frances Dicksee’s 1912 portrait of Mrs Guiness with a modern twist; tattoo sleeves.

Jane Wimbury is a glass artist from Little Bourton. She makes colourful functional pieces with kiln fused glass and lampwork glass animals with new Christmas characters each year.

Her ranges from plates and dishes to decorative fish, flowers and creatures.

You can meet the four artists behind the new artwork at a special evening event tomorrow, Friday, September 27 between 5pm and 7pm.

The Exhibition will run until Tuesday, October 29.

Church Lane Gallery is open daily Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm and Saturdays between 10am and 4pm. T

Find out more at visit the gallery's Facebook page.