Nearly 40 people submit comments for plans to bring 825 homes to Banbury

Nearly 40 people have submitted comments to a pending planning application which would bring 825 homes to the Longford Park area of Banbury.

Saturday, 1st May 2021, 1:48 am
Nearly 40 people have submitted comments to a pending planning application which would bring 825 homes to the Longford Park area of Banbury. (Image from the plans submitted to Cherwell District Council)

Developers Hallam Land Management have submitted a revised planning application for the site on land off the A4260, which covers an area of 46.92 hectares located to the southeast of Banbury, east of Bodicote.

Prior to the latest revised application, plans for the development have been in the works for at least three to four years.

The scheme includes green open space, sports pitches with changing rooms, allotments and would also have two points of access - off the existing Longford Park access off the A4260 (Oxford Road), and a new access off the A4260 (Banbury Road).

The site forms several parcels of agricultural land to the east of the A4260, Oxford Road/Banbury Road, and west of the M40. The site also occupies land directly to the east of Bodicote Park, an existing area of open space sports facilities. To the northwest of the site is an area that already has planning consent for residential development (currently under construction), Bankside phase one.

The application boundary has been extended to include land to be safeguarded for the relocation of Banbury United Football Club (BUFC) and a new secondary school, for Banbury, should additional secondary school pupil places, in the future be required.

The proposed housing development project would include a mix of one to five bedroom properties, which would include bungalows, terraces, semi-detached and detached houses with private garden space and parking provision. The proposed development will also include a 'proportion' of affordable homes.

The applicant and design team has comprehensively reviewed the consultation responses from previous design applications for the development, and has worked to make positive changes to the proposals to address the comments received.

The proposals will retain the key landscape features present within the site such as the existing Ash trees. Hedgerows and trees will be retained as part of a network of landscaped recreational routes

Nearly have 40 people have now submitted comments to Cherwell District Council with their concerns about the latest revised application for the proposed development.

Several of the people who submitted comments are concerned about development's impact on traffic for the area.

One Banbury woman said: "The traffic along Longford Park Road will increase significantly with the new development because its the main way to reach Bankside. Longford Park Road has so many issues already with people parking, the bends are blind spots and witnessed a couple car accidents already.

"If the new site was to go ahead, Longford Park needs to be separate otherwise it will be a rat run. I don't trust their plans for the new site. With the new homes in Bodicote and

also near the flyover on Oxford Road the traffic in the whole area will be affected."

Another woman submitted her concerns about the impact on local traffic, which said: "Road access from this new development into the existing Longford Park estate is just

ridiculous! Longford Park is already congested with cars parked along the suggested access road of the new estate.

"Residents of the new estate would use Longford Park as a cut through to Bankside, thus avoiding the busy Oxford Road and adding to the already dangerous Longford Park Road where cars park along the road causing havoc because you can't see on coming cars. There have been several accidents already, and having access from the new estate through Longford

Park will just increase all the existing problems."

A Bodicote man submitted his opposition to the plans, which said: "I oppose further development of Longford park, without provision of services and amenities within the development will put significant strain on current local infrastructure and services.

"The current development has no facilities or amenities, other than the school, and as a result provides significant stresses in existing roads, shops, schools, doctors etc. both within Bodicote and wider into Banbury. The current development is not complete and adding to this with another 800 homes will make the current problems significantly worse.

"As a resident of Oxford Road I have seen a measurable increase in traffic and more worryingly traffic speeds over the past five years.

"Whilst a single controlled crossing has been provided this has done very little to improve safety and reduce speeds. Pedestrian and cycle facilities along Oxford Road from the Longford Park development towards Banbury are poor and therefore viable options for walking and cycling over the use of private cars are not evident.

"Planning conditions made upon the current development are not being imposed and the pressures of further development, namely the provision of the maximum number of residential units to the detriment of services, facilities and amenities is not sustainable."

To submit a comment to the pending planning application use the following district council web link: