Love and support pours out to Fairport Convention as it postpones its Banburyshire festival again - and the government is blamed

Fans of Fairport Convention - which has been forced to postpone this August's festival at Cropredy - have swallowed their disappointment and sent love and support to the folk rock band.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 10:14 am
Some Fairport Convention fans are angry that the lack of government-backed insurance for Covid cancellation have forced the postponement of the Cropredy festival again this year

Thousands of Fairport fans flocked to social media after yesterday's announcement that the band had been forced to make the difficult decision because, without being able to get cancellation insurance because of Covid, they could risk financial disaster.

One performer urged fans to lobby MPs including Banbury MP Victoria Prentis to ensure government-backed insurance is available for festivals and other events.

He said: "My heart goes out to (festival director) Gareth and the Fairport Convention team who held-out to the bitter end. A nicer team of people would be hard to find. I look forward to all of us coming back bigger and better in 2022.

Fairport fans on Facebook said they are 'gutted' that this year's festival will not go ahead

"In the meantime, I urge all of you mourning the loss of this festival to lobby your local MP to ensure government-backed insurance for festivals/events is addressed before the impending summer recess that will signal the death-knell for the rest of this year's festivals. I also urge you all to inundate the inbox of Victoria Prentis who is the MP for the constituency to let her know just what the festival means to you and that her inaction contributed to the outcome today."

A Fairport fan said: "Sadly I feel that the Government has let the music and live arts industry down hugely. And events like this that are proven to be safe and professional are suffering because we are considerate and respectful. In the meantime underground events are happening causing chaos and fuelling resentment."

Facebook pages dedicated to the band and Cropredy experience were flooded with messages of sympathy, agreeing that postponement of Cropredy was the correct decision and vowing to 'meet on the hill' again in August 2022.

One said: "Will will miss Cropredy this year but we have to all be sensible and look out for each other and hey, the speed with which this year is going. It will soon be August 2022."

Hundreds of fans expressed their dismay that Fairport's Cropredy Convention has been postponed - but they support the decision

"Sending so much love to Team Cropredy - what an absolutely gutting decision for the Fairport family, festival team, performers, crew, traders, and suppliers. We will of course we there with bells on in 2022."

One couple said: "Sad, but helps us. Both having health problems we were undecided as to whether we would be safe going if it did go ahead."

Others said: "Totally gutted - but probably the correct decision. I totally sympathise with this decision and the terrible pressure it must have put on all the Cropredy team."

In the online debate contributors said: "I'm a little bit furious... the government allow sports events up to 10k on one day, but well managed three-day festivals seem to be a no-no. There is no fairness. There will be 140,000 for the British Grand Prix next month which is also a three-day camping event."

"We are all so very sad and feel especially devastated for all the musicians, stall holders and the incredible army of helpers behind the scenes who work so hard to make this the best event in our annual calendar... please hang in there guys."

"I still don't understand how mass gatherings at football matches travelling to and from EU countries to do so, Wimbledon this week, and other major sporting events are allowed to go ahead under the same restrictions? It just doesn’t make any sense."

Another highlighted sympathy for Cropredy's community - the school, canoe club, cricket club and pubs which will lose much needed income for the second year running.