King’s Sutton’s fighter hopes to become the King of British Muay Thai

New York’s Gleason Gym and Detroit’s Kronk Gym are synonymous with producing fighting champions but soon King’s Sutton Tennis Club could be added to that list.

Rob Allen, 27, who has lived in King’s Sutton all of his life, is preparing for the most important fight of his Mauy Thai boxing career when he challenges Gaz Richards for the British Light Cruiserweight Championship.
Rob started his journey in the combative sports quite late on after receiving a gift.

Rob hopes to add a British title belt to his two Midlands Area Championship belts

Rob hopes to add a British title belt to his two Midlands Area Championship belts

Rob said: “Just before I turned 18 my mum got me a membership at a local gym. I was one of those typical naughty boys, getting into trouble and being a pain.
“The membership was at Fighting Fit to do a bit of boxing then that turned into MMA and then I found a real love for Thai boxing. I’ve been doing that for the past eight years.”

Rob’s first professional bout was in 2012, he now has an 8-1 record, including two Midland Area titles even though he was sidelined for 3.5 years due to injury.
Rob, who trains other fighters at the King’s Sutton Tennis Club, made his come back this summer, he said: “I beat quite a good lad, I was kind of the underdog in that fight and it was quite a tough fight to come back.
“A lot of people were saying ‘shouldn’t you look for an easier fight to come back with’ but if I’m coming back into the sport I want it to be for a purpose. I did everything I should have done and stopped him in the second round.”

With added success comes tougher opponents which, in turn, require more preparation and training that equate to out of pocket expenses, so Rob is seeking sponsorship.
Rob said: “I train in Wolverhampton with my coaches so my last training camp cost around £500, with fuel, gym costs plus days off work.”

Rob’s title fight is on Saturday, November 10 at the Edgebaston Stadium, Birmingham.
He said: ”It’s a good opportunity, big name fight, money was reasonable for Thai Boxing. I grabbed it with both hands and said thank you very much.”
To contact Rob message him via Facebook.