Kineton Sixth Form raises more than £3,000 for Katharine House Hospice

The Kineton Sixth Form raised more than £3,000 for Katharine House Hospice in just a five-day period.

Kineton Sixth Form students, Jack Godfrey and Millie Overland, head girl. (photo from Kineton High School and Sixth Form)
Kineton Sixth Form students, Jack Godfrey and Millie Overland, head girl. (photo from Kineton High School and Sixth Form)

Students, staff and the school's wider community raised the money through a variety of activities during the school's autumn term.

Head of Kineton Sixth Form, Miss Gemma Loveridge, said: Charity Week is a fundamental tradition at Kineton Sixth Form, our students pride themselves on the money they raise for both national and local charities each year.

"Despite the challenges Covid-19 brought, our students were determined to continue this tradition and work together to raise money for a charity very close to our hearts, Katharine House Hospice in Banbury.

"Students worked tirelessly over the course of the autumn term writing, directing and filming their own mockumentary, which was shared virtually with the school community. In addition to this, students in the sixth form worked together with staff to create a number of virtual comedy events that enabled our younger students to see their teachers like they’ve never seen them before.

"These events, along with a planned non uniform day, saw the school and it’s wider community raise £3068 in just five days."

Sixth form charity committee leader Noah Wild said: “This year it was obvious that we should stray from the usual choice of a national charity for one much more local.

"To this end Katherine House Hospice was a natural choice, a fantastic local charity that supports over 900 local families a year and relies on donations, especially in such challenging times as this.

"For some reason Charity Week has always been my favourite part of the academic year. It’s not the opportunity to see teachers embarrass themselves, the unique creativity of students or the ever-nearing Christmas holidays, but the fact that it is one of the few times when the school properly comes together as a community, from year seven to year 13 to staff. This is itself the reason that, when it became apparent back in July that the usual traditions and festivities were going to be impossible, we – as a sixth form – were keen to ensure that something would take their place.”

Miss Loveridge added: “I am always so very proud of our students in the sixth form for how mature and giving they are, but this year was quite different.

"In order to create a series of events that would not only raise money for a fantastic cause, but also boost the morale and spirits of the whole school, the students in the sixth form had to give so much of their time and energy, whist balancing their academic studies and university applications. Throughout this time they demonstrated creativity, resilience, independence and selflessness and created something amazing in the middle of a global pandemic. The level of aspiration and determination to make the week a success truly embodies what our sixth form is all about.”