Tracey with two of her terrifying props.Tracey with two of her terrifying props.
Tracey with two of her terrifying props.

In Pictures: Banbury's Halloween hero prepares her garden once again for frightening fundraiser

A Banbury mother has been working hard once again to create a spooky walk-around Halloween attraction in her garden to raise money for a local young people’s charity.

The Tunnel of Terror was not completed at the time the photographs were taken but we wanted to show you these photos to give you a taste of it!

Tracey Kovacs first started her garden Tunnel of Terror in 2021 to cheer people up after the lockdowns.

Now the Banbury mother is in her third year of organising the fundraiser after raising £1,248 for the Restore mental health charity last year.

This year, the money raised will go towards the Let’s Play Project, a local charity that organises clubs, activities, and youth groups for young people with additional needs.

Tracey said: “I did it for Restore last year because mental health is close to a lot of people, and this year I was approached by the Let’s Play Project. Next year, we will be raising money for the premature or sick baby charity Bliss.

"It is a lot of hard work, not only buying the products but also arranging them differently each year, finding live actors, and covering all the safety issues.

"It sounds weird, but when I hear everyone screaming, I know I’ve done a good job. It gets really loud sometimes, and I’m amazed the police haven’t been called.”

Tracey and her daughter Natalie are the masterminds behind the now-famous attraction and have been busy making it as terrifying as possible for the past three weeks.

The Tunnel of Terror will be open on Saturday October 28, Sunday October 29 and on Tuesday October 31 from 4.30pm until 8.30pm. The tunnel can be found at 75 The Fairway, and visitors can give what they can at the gate for donations.

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