Hunt hounds run amok in Idlicote graveyard

Warwickshire Hunt hounds rampaged through the village of Idilicote, near Shipston, this past Saturday hunting through a graveyard in St James Church where one hound was seen fouling.

Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 10:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 10:24 am

WARNING: Video contains mild bad language not suitable for young children.

A spokesperson for West midlands Hunt Sabobteurs, who witnessed the incident, said: "This is extremely arrogant and highly disrespectful behaviour from the Warwickshire Hunt, they seem to think they can do what they want when they want.

"No one from the hunt seemed bothered that the hounds were in the graveyard and no one bothered to pick up the dog poo from the graveyard.

A hound takes a 'break' in the graveyard
A hound takes a 'break' in the graveyard

"The huntsman was nowhere to be seen as all this was unfolding, the hounds were out of control and left to run rampant.

"There seems to be a common theme with the Warwickshire Hunt that no matter where they go or which village they happen to be near at some point it seems guaranteed that their hounds will rampage all over the place completely out of control either causing chaos or being highly disrespectful.

"You’d have to ask why this keeps happening? Why do they keep losing control of their hounds? And why on earth did they end up in a graveyard in a church? Not long before this incident occurred we saw a fox running from the hounds.

They added: "If the Warwickshire Hunt can’t control their hounds they shouldn’t be taking them out into the countryside."

The hounds enter the church yard

In reply, Warwickshire Hunt blamed the saboteurs. They said: “We apologise unreservedly that some of our hounds entered into the graveyard, but would like to explain to your readers and any concerned residents that this happened purely as a direct result of the animal rights extremists.

“The activists spent yet another day distracting and confusing the Warwickshire hounds by shouting and trying to take them out of the control of our huntsman and physically abusing the hunt staff.

“Their relentless abuse of our beloved hounds, who are working hard to follow the trail which has been laid for them in accordance with the Hunting Act, is most disturbing and totally unacceptable.

“What is not shown is the saboteurs’ verbal abuse of the residents who are alarmed and scared by the saboteurs actions. Also not shown is that hunt members on foot were sent to check for any dog mess in the churchyard.

The hunt were pursuing a Fox, an illegal practice

“We had no complaints from the residents, in fact their support of the hunt was much appreciated.