Hundreds of bikers due to 'bring Harry Dunn home' with cavalcade for family's campaign for justice

Harry DunnHarry Dunn
Harry Dunn

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Hundreds of bikers are expected to 'bring Harry Dunn home' with a special cavalcade raising money for his Northamptonshire family's campaign to get justice.

The Ride to Bring Harry Home will see motorcyclists from across the country gather at an industrial estate in Brackley on Sunday, November 17.

Members of the public and non-bikers are invited to wave them off from Boundary Road where there will be a raffle, catering and green T-shirts, bows and ribbons to show support.

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Organiser Jayne Mitchell said: "We've got bikers coming from all over the place: Essex, East Anglia, and up north.

The t-shirt designs for the Ride to Bring Harry Home cavalcade. Photo: Jayne Mitchell/The Workwear CompanyThe t-shirt designs for the Ride to Bring Harry Home cavalcade. Photo: Jayne Mitchell/The Workwear Company
The t-shirt designs for the Ride to Bring Harry Home cavalcade. Photo: Jayne Mitchell/The Workwear Company

"I never meant for it to get this big, I never thought it would be, but the strength of feeling is so great that everyone is behind it.

"If we can raise funds so the family can get justice then job done."

Harry, 19, from Charlton, died in hospital after being involved in a crash outside Croughton in August while riding his green Kawasaki motorcycle with a car being driven on the wrong side of the road.

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The car driver was American Anne Sacoolas, who initially admitted responsibility to police but then claimed diplomatic immunity as her husband was based at RAF Croughton.

She then left the country for the US and refuses to return despite calls from the family, Northamptonshire Police and the British government.

Jayne said she knows the family well as she lives in Charlton and felt compelled to do something for the international campaign, but the idea did not come until the middle of the night.

"I've known the boys [Harry and his twin brother Niall] since they were little so when all this happened I decided to do all I could to support them," she said.

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"I realy wanted to do something more than the ribbons and night I woke up at around 3am and the idea of a ride to bring him home came to me.

"I checked it with Charlotte [Charles, Harry's mother] and she agreed so I put it on Facebook and the responses were so great and it's just snowballed."

Green has been the colour of the family's campaign, with ribbons worn by Harry's parents and spokesman and rosettes displayed as a sign of solidarity.

Riders in the cavalcade will all be given green T-shirts to wear with the ribbon and #Justice4Harry printed on them by The Workwear Company, based in King's Sutton.

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They will be gathering at the Buckingham Road Industrial Estate from about 11am, leaving at about midday.

The bikers will pass the scene of the crash and head to Charlton, where there will be a minute's silence near Harry's home - members of the public are also invited to Charlton to pay their respects.

For more information, visit the open Facebook group The Ride To Bring Harry Home.