Housing association slammed by Banbury councillor for leaving a family with a flooded drain for eight months

Sanctuary Housing has been slammed by a Banbury councillor for failing to fix a drain repair which has flooded their garden with polluted water for eight months.

By Roseanne Edwards
Tuesday, 10th May 2022, 5:35 pm
The drain water flood in the Ruscote, Banbury family's garden

Cherwell District Council Labour leader, Cllr Sean Woodcock, took to Twitter today (Tuesday) to shame the housing association – which houses many of the district’s social housing tenants.

He Tweeted: “Sanctuary have allowed a Ruscote resident and their kids to live with a leak causing this in their garden for nearly five months. This is despite promises to Cherwell to remedy (it). Total failure to protect tenants which you should be absolutely ashamed of.

"They told council officers in January that work to remedy it was ordered and passed on to a contractor for completing. This is clearly not true. Tenants first reported it in October. Appalling.”

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Cllr Woodcock's stern discussion with Sanctuary Housing on Twitter

Mr Woodcock admonished Sanctuary further when asked by them to request that the family make contact via Twitter.

"They’re not on Twitter. You’ve had their details for months. And I re-sent them to you yesterday. So get on with it,” he said.

Sanctuary told the Banbury Guardian work is planned in the coming days.

Cherwell District Council said: “A housing standards officer inspected the property on January 31 and identified that there was extensive drainage leak which had flooded the front lawn and the rear and side paths with grey water.

"We understand that the property had been in this condition since October. The officer wrote to Sanctuary Housing the same day to request that this was made good and to advise them of other, minor indoor repairs that were needed.

"Sanctuary Housing have until the close of business today (May 10) to provide Cherwell with a date on which their contractor will start the required repair work. If they fail to do so, Cherwell will immediately serve them with a Section 59 Building Act enforcement notice, requiring them to make good the drain.

"Continued failure to repair the drain could see Cherwell undertake the works and recharge Sanctuary Housing.”

A spokesperson for Sanctuary said: “We are sorry for the time it has taken resolve this issue and have again offered the family a temporary move into alternative accommodation. Further work is planned for the next few days and we will ensure the required repairs are completed as soon as possible.”