Here's how to celebrate National Trees Week in Banbury

Banbury Trees has launched a community event this weekend to celebrate the start of National Trees Week.

The Banbury Trees and Banbury Community Action groups are hosting a community event this Saturday November 27 to celebrate National Trees Week.

The event will be from 11am to 1pm at Bridge St Community Garden, OX16 5QF. National Tree Week, from November 27 to December 5, is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration.

The event will include the planting of two heritage apple trees from Oxfordshire’s renowned The Heritage Fruit Tree Co at Bridge Street Community Garden. The new trees will become part of the 'Forest Food Garden' in raised beds. The two apple tree varieties are: Blenheim Orange and Gascoyne's Scarlet.

Grimsbury, Banbury autumn 2021 (Photo by Rodriguez-Past)

Anyone is welcome to the event, which will also include free mulled apple juice.

Banbury Trees is a community tree planting group in Banbury, which started when some friends and local climate activists came together in 2019.

Tila Rodriguez-Past, who helps lead Banbury Trees, said: "We came together because we are very concerned about the state of the world and wanted to turn our eco anxiety into a positive force. So far we have planted thousands of trees in the area.

"I coordinate it with the invaluable support of other members such as Hanna Rees-Jones, Jim Smith and Harriet Jordan."

Banbury Trees group members at a tree planting event with students and staff at the Futures Institute in Banbury early Spring 2021 (Photo by Rodriguez-Past)

The Banbury Trees is looking to get others involved in the group from the community and surrounding area.

She said: "Over the past two years I’ve planted hundreds of trees with my son along with many other concerned families, because I think getting the new generations involved in looking after the planet is very important.

"Banbury Trees is a tree planting community group. We have a Facebook group page with over 400 members."

Members of the group planted trees earlier this year in the spring with students and staff at the Futures Institute Banbury.

Grimsbury, Banbury autumn 2021 (photo by Tila Rodriguez-Past)

Tila added: "Our aim is to plant woodlands and hedges in and around Banbury in order to increase local biodiversity.

"We are currently looking to plant a series of hedges over winter in schools, parks, public green areas, churches, graveyards, etc. If you have access to land (open to the public) please send us an email: [email protected]

"We are looking to involve Banbury’s vibrant community from students, to community groups, to religious groups, to individuals."

For more information on see the group's Facebook group page here or send them an email here: [email protected]

Spiceball Park, Banbury autumn 2021 (Photo by Rodriguez-Past)
Spiceball Park, Banbury autumn 2021 (Photo by Rodriguez-Past)
Bridge St, Banbury autumn 2021 (Photo by Rodriguez-Past)