Here are the candidates for the Banbury Town Council election next month

47 people have been nominated as candidates to fill 22 seats on the Banbury Town Council.

Saturday, 10th April 2021, 12:10 pm
Updated Saturday, 10th April 2021, 12:14 pm
47 people have been nominated as candidates to fill 22 seats on the Banbury Town Council.

A statement of people nominated for the councillor positions on the Banbury Town Council was published yesterday (Friday April 9).

People across the Banbury area can cast their ballot on Thursday May 6 for Banbury Town Coucnil.

The following 47 people are the candidates for the office of councillor on the Banbury Town Council.

Ten of the 22 councillors currently serving on the council have chosen not to run for office in the election next month.

Banbury Town Council – 22 seats in the following wards:

Calthorpe North - One seat

Claire Bell - Labour Party

Mike Bishop - Conservative Party

David Thomas Yeomans - Liberal Democrat

Calthorpe South - two seats

David Richard Hingley - Liberal Democrat

Alicja Longina Kokot - Labour Party

Wajdan Majeed - Labour Party

Alana Louise Powell - Conservative Party

Eddie Reeves - Conservative Party

Easington North - one seats

Antonio Oliver Joseph Ferrara - Labour Party

Martin Frederick Bach Phillips - Conservative Party

Easington South - two seats

Jack Matthew Brown - Labour Party

Steve Buckwell - Liberal Democrat

John Henry Colegrave - Conservative Party (Incumbent)

Andrew Edwin Eaton - Labour Party

Kieron Paul Mallon - Conservative Party

Grimsbury - three seats

Andrew Gerald Beere - Labour Party (I)

David Frederick Beverly - Conservative Party

Shaida Hussain - Labour Party

Karl Michael Kazimierz Kwiatkowski - Green Party

Helen Margaret Mears - Labour Party

Hardwick East - one seat

Ben Rikki Davenport Dalton - Conservative Party

Philip Norman Richards - Labour Party

Hardwick West - four seats

Fiaz Ahmed - Conservative Party

Richard Clive Beasley - Labour Party

Johnny Bunce - Conservative Party

John Alexander Donaldson - Conservative Party

Andrew John Haywood - Labour Party

Tony Ilott - Conservative Party (I)

Samantha Rhita Lambert - Labour Party

Sian Frances Tohill-Martin - Labour Party

Berenice Westwood - Independent

Neithrop North - one seat

Arash Ali Fatemian - Conservative Party

Matt Hodgson - Labour Party

Neithrop South - one seat

Simon Zachary Garrett - Labour Party

Emma Louise Jane Nell - Conservative Party

Robert Pattenden - Liberal Democrat

Park Road - one seat

Steve Kilsby - Labour Party (I)

Ben David Stockdale - Conservative Party

Ruscote – four seats

Rebecca Louise Crompton Biegel - Labour Party

Carol Lillis May Broom - Green Party

Mark David Cherry - Labour Party (I)

Barry Keir Richards - Labour Party (I)

Jayne Claire Strangwood - Conservative Party

Sean Lee Woodcock - Labour Party (I)

Town Centre - one seat

George Alfred Ayers - Conservative Party

Christopher John Manley - Green Party

Cassi Perry - Labour Party

A few key election date reminders:

- April 19 (at 11:59 pm) is the deadline for people to register to vote. For more on how to register to vote see the following web link:

- April 20 (no later than 5pm) is the deadline for receiving new postal vote applications for all the elections.