Harry Dunn: Legal fight over alleged killer's diplomatic immunity claim continues through appeal

High Court judges have approved the Northamptonshire parents' request to appeal their decision

Harry Dunn's family's legal fight over his alleged killer's diplomatic immunity claim continues as they have been allowed to appeal a High Court ruling.

The court's decision last month that Anne Sacoolas did have protection from prosecution following the fatal Northamptonshire crash will be challenged in the Court of Appeal.

Radd Seiger, the Northamptonshire parents' spokesman, said: "Harry’s parents were obviously disappointed with the ruling that Anne Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity.

Harry Dunn

“From the moment the judgment was handed down, they were given very strong legal advice that the ruling was wrong and should be appealed."

He added: “Harry’s parents are delighted that the court has granted permission in their case as it signals that the judges accept that their decision may be wrong.”

The family won a judicial review in the High Court into Sacoolas' claim for diplomatic immunity, granted using a loophole in the rules for RAF Croughton.

The hearing also looked into whether the government obstructed Northamptonshire Police's investigation into the crash on the B4059 near Crougthon on August 27, 2019.

But judges Lord Justice Flaux and Mr Justice Saini supported the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office on both counts in the ruling handed down on November 24.

Mr Seiger continued: “Harry’s parents had to show that they stood a realistic prospect of success in the appeal and they have succeeded in doing so.

“This represents a major step forward in their pursuit of justice for Harry.

“Whether or not Anne Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity will now be determined definitely in the appellate courts in London.

"Harry’s parents have always been clear, on strong legal advice, that Anne Sacoolas did not have diplomatic immunity.”