Harry Dunn family ramps up pressure ahead of demonstration outside Buckingham Palace during Trump visit

Harry DunnHarry Dunn
Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn's parents are ramping up the pressure on the British and American governments to get justice for their son as Donald Trump is on a visit to the UK.

The Northamptonshire family has been fighting for answers ever since Anne Sacoolas left the UK claiming diplomatic immunity after the fatal crash near Croughton in August.

Harry's father Tim Dunn accused Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab of meeting the family as a 'publicity stunt' and failing them ever since in a comment piece for The Guardian.

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While the family plans to 'make themselves known' outside Buckingham Palace this evening (Tuesday, December 3) where the US President is having dinner with The Queen and other Nato leaders.

Family spokesman Radd Seiger said the Trump administration's actions have been 'nothing short of an attack on the rule of law' in not sending Mrs Sacoolas back to the UK.

"The fact cannot be overlooked that as President Trump visits the UK whilst Anne Sacoolas remains in the USA evading justice," he said.

"And it is notable that the country's sovereign, the Queen of England, is hosting Mr Trump at Buckingham Palace, whilst this gross insult against everything that she and the country stands for, persists."

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Mr Raab said he is doing everthing he can to remove obstacles for police and the Crown Prosecution Service to do their jobs after a 'deeply tragic case' on BBC Breakfast this morning.

But the Dunn-Charles family were left 'totally gobsmacked and bitterly upset' as they say there has been no evidence to suggest his assistance.

The Foreign Office said Mr Raab did bring up Harry's case with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a meeting in London to ensure Mrs Sacoolas cooperats fully with British judicial authorities.

Harry's parents hope to meet Mr Trump again after their meeting in the White House in October, where Mrs Sacoolas was apparently waiting in the wings to meet them, but was turned down.

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Mr Dunn wrote: "All we want is for Anne Sacoolas to return, so she can face the consequences of her actions that night when she took my Harry’s life, and for the truth in this whole mess to come out.

"I am not aware of a single cabinet minister who has called publicly for her to be returned. That is shameful.

"It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the British authorities care more about preserving the relationship with the US than looking after the rights of citizens like us."