Hair today, gone tomorrow as Karen braves the shave at the Wine Vaults

Karen Wise will Brave the Shave for MacMIllan Cancer Support NNL-170829-102148001
Karen Wise will Brave the Shave for MacMIllan Cancer Support NNL-170829-102148001

A Banbury woman is having six years worth of hair removed to benefit two cancer charities.

Karen Wise will Brave the Shave at a public event this Saturday, September 2 at the Wine Vaults in Parsons Street at 3pm.

Her act of altruism will be twofold. Firstly her shoulder length curly hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust who will turn the hair into wigs for children with cancer.

Secondly, Karen will use the event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support after the disease hit close to home.

Karen said: “My father passed away from cancer when he was very young. Subsequently I have had friends that have passed away and a close friend developed cancer and Macmillan were the ones who have been so supportive.”

The need to act came earlier this month when Karen received some devastating news from her home country of South Africa.

Karen said: “I received an email saying my cousin had been diagnosed with cancer on the Friday. I got another email on Monday saying she passed away on Saturday. I thought this is nonsense now, I have to do something.”

Karen’s long dark, curly hair is much sought after by Little Princes Trust due to it’s relative scarcity but the decision to donate her hair was made for more practical reasons.

Karen said: “I can’t run marathons, I’m not one of these athletic people who can raise money that way. So I saw the shave advertised on the telly and thought lets do it that way.”

Husband Markus, family and friends will be supporting Karen and she welcomes any curious onlookers to lend support as she tries raise as much money as she can for the worthy charity.

Karen added: “I hope everyone who knows me knows how much my hair does mean to me and it’s a big thing for me to do this.

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