Group launches petition in support of 20mph speed limits across Banbury

Banbury Active Travel Supporters group calls for consistent approach to safer traffic speeds in Banbury with petition for 20mph speed limits

By Matt Elofson
Monday, 21st February 2022, 4:51 pm

A petition has been launched in support of replacing the 30 mph zones with 20mph speed zones in Banbury.

Banbury Active Travel Supporters (part of Banbury Community Action Group) has just launched a petition to replace the 30mph areas areas town with 20mph areas.

Nearly 70 communities across Oxfordshire, including Banbury, have signed up to Oxfordshire County Council’s invitation to make roads in the county's towns and villages safer and the air less polluted by implementing 20mph speed limits.

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Group launches petition in support of 20mph speed limits across Banbury

Across the UK, 21 million people already live in local authorities where a 20mph limit is considered the norm for streets where people live, work or walk.

Banbury Active Travel Supporters has welcomed the county council’s proposals and is calling on local councillors to agree on a consistent approach to 20mph limits across the town.

The group suggests the project to change the town's neighbourhoods into 20mph areas is to avoid a piecemeal approach with some roads moving to 20 and others staying at 30mph, which could confuse motorists and other road users as well as cost the taxpayer more in terms of signage.

Group launches petition in support of 20mph speed limits across Banbury (Image from Oxfordshire County Council)

A spokesperson for BATS said: “Slower speeds will make our town a safer, cleaner and friendlier place to live. We’ll have fewer accidents and more people will be encouraged to walk and cycle, helping them keep fit as well as reducing air pollution which is a particular problem in Banbury.

“The Government and local councils are consistent in saying they want to encourage more people to walk and cycle rather than take the car to help tackle climate change, improve air quality and contribute to reducing the obesity epidemic. Slowing down traffic in our towns is one of the most important things we can do if we want to make this happen.”

The group has set up a petition on which it’s calling on local residents to sign and share to help show how much people care about this issue in Banbury.

The link for the petition is:

The petition calls for all streets in Banbury where people live – and where they walk and cross - to have 20mph speed limits.

So far more than 120 people have signed the online petition in support of 20mph speed limits in Banbury.