Fury over double yellow line plans

Residents of Harriers View, Banbury, do not want yellow lines in their road. NNL-190814-082206009
Residents of Harriers View, Banbury, do not want yellow lines in their road. NNL-190814-082206009

Residents near a Banbury primary school are gearing up for a decision meeting on the addition of double yellow lines; a plan of action that is dividing opinions.

The lines are planned for Harriers View, a short cul-de-sac running along side Harriers Academy Primary School.

Residents of the street, on the whole, welcome the move by Oxfordshire County Council, as they are routinely blocked in their own drive ways for hours at a time each day during term time.

Residents of surrounding roads, however are less enthusiastic as they see the addition of double yellow lines a measure that will just move the problem, school run parking, to another locale.

Peter Scales, a resident of Easington Road said: “If you get rid of the traffic here (Harrier View) where is it going to go? All they are going to do is move the problem.

“They offered parking at Horton View sports field but parents are not going to park over there and walk here. If they remove the parking from here and they remove the parking from the Bloxham Road the next place they are going to park is Easington Road and at the moment that is horrific.”

Various solutions have been but forward which include permits for residents of Harriers View, the use of Horton View sports field and the Easington pub car parks and the re-examination of the proposed mini car park to be built on Easington rec, formerly submitted but ultimately rejected by Banbury Town Council.

Another alternative is better enforcement.

Alan Starkie, who lives at the end of Harriers View, said: “Something needs to be done in this road and the people objecting don’t live in this road, they just park here.

“People should be venting their fury at the council and not each other. If the council did their job properly and employed traffic wardens we wouldn’t have a problem at all.”

County Cllr Eddie Reeves said: “Having knocked on residents’ doors during the consultation period, I agree that there are mixed feelings.

“There was a majority in favour on Harriers View by my count but I suspect that there is a majority against on Bloxham Road.”

Others propose using the expansive Territorial Army facility at the top of the road but TA centres have long abided by a rule to not allow civilian parking for fear of car bombs and other security concerns.

Residents can have there say at a decisions meeting at County Hall, New Road, Oxford on September 12 at 10am.

You can register to speak at the meeting by visiting https://service.oxfordshire.gov.uk/addressameeting.