Film director's crowdfunding effort seeks £5,000 to make a meaningful feature, filmed in Banbury and it surrounding area

Banbury-born film maker Claudia Collett has launched a crowdfunding page in a bid to raise £5,000 for her new film which highlights the tragic loss of young lives to suicide.

Monday, 5th April 2021, 12:05 pm
Updated Monday, 5th April 2021, 12:06 pm
Banbury-born film director Claudia Collett who is raising money to fund her new film, Precious

Ms Collett is asking local businesses and residents to help raise the money to enable her to complete her new film, Precious, which features landmarks in Banbury and its surrounding villages.

The film comes after the success of Lonely (2020) where the director took a risk by producing a short black and white surrealist film while isolating on her own in Adderbury at the start of lockdown. With her new-found energy she devised Precious (2021), her next dream.

A promotional film for the movie's fundraiser can be seen on this page.

Ms Collett told the Banbury Guardian: "The film comes about after losing local friends to suicide over the years but also because the arts and music scene - and cinema - means a lot to young people.

"We want to put Banbury on the map and also raise awareness of suicide. This is important to me personally but it impacts us all. I grew up in Banbury and still live here. I teach film in local networks and schools and also work in home-maintenance.

"Over the years I've worked in our bars, pubs, clubs, care-homes and in our arts and music scene. I studied at the Banbury arts college.

"Our music and arts culture means the world to us. Growing up in Banbury has had mental and social impacts for many but it's also been a space where we create small-town magic. Creating work that reflects our life has never felt more necessary," she said.

Film maker Claudia Collett whose inspiration for Precious came during lockdown in Adderbury

"Life is too precious. The last year has been like no other but still we come together as a community to create hope and opportunity."

Ms Collett says the £5,000 Go Fund Me appeal, when complete, will provide the necessary money for essential production costs. Donations can be made at

Ms Collett's first successful film toured online film festivals during the Pandemic of 2020, recieving praise and awards. With this attention came the drive to produce further short films and to build up her own business. Precious is her first ever feature film and so far she has Banbury on her side with pledges of almost £1,000 made already.

Due to the nature of surrealist film, much like Dali or Dada, this young director's work sees juxtapositions, shocking imagery, montage and visual poetry as a way to connect to the audience. Local people and locations feature in the film, with videographer Jonny Ruffle capturing the scenes.

Locations include St Mary's Church in Adderbury, Avon Dassett, Parsons Street, Banbury and the Phonebox Library.