End of an era after successful Bodicote planning appeal

Following the refusal of outline planning permission for 46 homes to be constructed on land at Tappers Farm, Bodicote, developers have now won an appeal against the decision.
Tappers Farm has outline planning permission for 46 homesTappers Farm has outline planning permission for 46 homes
Tappers Farm has outline planning permission for 46 homes

The appeal results, published on October 31, follow Cherwell District Council's vote to refuse the construction of the homes at Tappers Farm, land known locally as the flyover car boot field, on grounds that the Cherwell Local Plan or the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment had not identified the land for development due to visual impact and coalescence.

During the CDC planning committee meeting in October 2108, Cllr Chris Heath said: “I don’t know where to start with this.” Going on to forcefully oppose the plans on the grounds of coalescence and traffic problems that access to the homes and the future link road that will join White Post Road, connecting the Bloxham and Oxford Roads, will create.

Additionally the construction of homes on the land will all but eradicate any delineation between Banbury and Bodicote, another reason councillors opposed the plans brought to the council.

In addressing that issue the report found that: "The Council contend that the site comprises the last undeveloped gap which provides separation between Bodicote and Banbury and as such is an important green space preventing the coalescence of these two settlements.

"It was also stated at the hearing that when leaving Banbury and entering Bodicote, there is the feel of leaving the larger settlement and entering a village.

"However, in my view, this overstates the importance of the site, as a whole, as a separating feature. I observed there to be development on the other side of Oxford Road, extending northwards, which stretches beyond the appeal site.

"This existing development already diminishes the distinction between Bodicote and Banbury and the introduction of development on the appeal site would not materially worsen this."

Planning inspector Martin Allen concludes the 14 page report by stating: "I have found that the scheme would not result in a material increase over the target of delivering 750 dwellings and therefore would not conflict with Policy PV2 of the CLP 2011.

"I have also found that the scheme would not result in harm to the character and appearance of the area. Furthermore, a completed legal agreement has been submitted securing the necessary contributions. The scheme therefore complies with the development plan."

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