Delays expected as Banburyshire road surfacing problems cause 20mph speed limits to be imposed on A422 - road closure will follow

Delays are possible on the A422 between Brackley and Middleton Cheney as highways engineers are forced to repair a new road surface
Traffic disruption ahead with problems on a stretch of road near FarthinghoeTraffic disruption ahead with problems on a stretch of road near Farthinghoe
Traffic disruption ahead with problems on a stretch of road near Farthinghoe

Speeds limits will be reduced to 20mph and a diversion is being planned along the A43 and B4525 to allow road-menders to put right the problem.

The new speed limit was brought in last Thursday by West Northamptonshire Council. A spokesman said: "Using a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, the council are reducing the speed limit to a mandatory 20mph to ensure all road users are safe.

"This is following the recent surface dressing works which was undertaken last week by Northamptonshire Highways. On completion of the work a survey showed that some areas of the new surface are not up to the required standard.

"The decision has been made to introduce the speed restriction until the issues are resolved which is a priority for the council and will happen in June.

"Northamptonshire Highways are currently planning the works and seeking permission for the diversion, which will use the A43 and B4525, from Highways England. The works should take two weeks with various closures to allow for surface dressing, sweeping and reinstating road markings."

The reason for the failure is being investigated although early indications point to the recent unpredictable, unsettled wet weather.

The temporary 20mph signs are the same size and visibility as the customary 60mph signs so that motorists will be made sufficiently aware.

The affected stretch of road is being swept and the site will continue to be monitored. The mandatory speed limit, which is enforceable, will be in operation until remedial works are completed.

A Farthinghoe resident said: "Again more agony for Farthinghoe with inadequate and ineffective traffic management. We have had more than our fair share over the last few years, much of which should not have been necessary. Roll on the bypass or am I being over optimistic?"

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