Deddington cyclists celebrate after three of the toughest

The riders reach the summit for the third time
The riders reach the summit for the third time

A determined group of amateur cyclists have returned from the south of France officially members of the Brotherhood of the Mads.

Thirteen riders took the challenge to ride all three ascents of Mont Ventoux within 24 hours to join the elite club.

Facing soaring temperatures of 36C, gradients of 12 per cent, technical and dangerous 40-minute descents reaching speeds of up to 50mph and 4,400 metres of energy sapping climbs, 11 of the 13 riders completed the task.

Group leader John Upson said: “The second climb was the hardest purely because of the time of day we did it and the heat. It’s very exposed, there’s no shade.

“I think everybody who rode had a thought that we might not do this and it was all at the same point on that second climb when we were all absolutely cooking.”

The trek raised money for the Space2Learn charity which has plans to build a build a music, dance and drama studio at Deddington School.

The group began the challenge at 6.30am and finished 12 hours later but despite the monumental effort they were remarkably unscathed.

John said: “There was a few sore legs the next day but actually we went out to dinner that night. There were no injuries and nobody who couldn’t walk.”

The group are still raising funds for the studio and can be sponsored by clicking here.