Croughton’s ‘Diamond’ couple celebrate milestone

David and Celia Franklin celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary NNL-170328-095835001
David and Celia Franklin celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary NNL-170328-095835001

A couple from Croughton are celebrated a milestone of wedded bliss last Thursday as they marked 60 years of marriage.

David and Celia Franklin will be surrounded by friends and family as the couple enjoy a celebratory meal in recognition of their diamond wedding anniversary.

The couple, who were married in 1957, have known each other for almost all of their lives and have deep roots within Croughton and the surrounding area.

David, who was born in the village, said: “I was only born a couple of hundred yards away at Yew Tree Farm. My family goes way back, my mother was born in one of those cottages opposite the Co-Op.

“We came back here after we were married and have been here ever since. In fact we actually bought the house in 1956 before we got married.”

Celia, too has local roots having been born in Charlton and coming to Croughton when she was just under a year old, living just across the road from her future husband.

Celia said: “We’ve always really known each other because we’ve always been in Croughton.”

The childhood friends took their relationship to the next level and Celia remembers the first date well.

She said: “I was about 14 or 15. We used to go out to dances and things.

“I got engaged when I was 18 and married when I was 21.”

David added: “Her mum wouldn’t let her get married until she was 21.”

In their early days together the couple worked locally but in came very different careers.

David said: “I worked on the farm as a young lad because I lost my father when I was about eight.

“Then I moved to another one when that was sold to around the corner at Manor Farm then from there I went up to the base and worked for the MoD for 35 years.”

David retired from the MoD in 1996 receiving recognition for his long standing service.

Celia said: “I used to bike to Heyford and work at a dry cleaners at Upper Heyford base then I came to Croughton base when I got married because it was easier to come home, same job.

“Then I worked at a dry cleaners with my sister in Banbury, her dry cleaners, then I worked for my daughter at a dry cleaners in Banbury which is still there now.”

The couple not only made a home for themselves but for their two sons and two daughters, and now have ten grandchildren and three great-grand children with another due in weeks, all of who will be attending the anniversary meal.

And what do the couple place at the heart of their successful marriage?

Celia said: “We’ve been through a lot of things together and you just sort things out.”

David added: “If we don’t agree we just talk it out.”