Banbury's Chestnuts Bowls Club is having an open day

People are invited to head along to Banbury Chestnuts Bowls Club to try the sport at an open day.
Chestnuts Bowls ClubChestnuts Bowls Club
Chestnuts Bowls Club

Banbury Chestnuts Bowls Club is holding an open day later in August.

A spokesperson for the club said: "Come along and enjoy a game of bowls, a sport involving very moderate exercise, fresh air and a chance to chat with new friends.

"Try playing for free, with tea and cakes provided during the day at no cost at our Open Day. Other games will also be available to suit various ages.

"We have no age limitations, however, children aged under 7 years may have some difficulty bowling.

"Banbury Chestnuts is located on the Shades, off West Bar, just past the Labour Club, double green wooden gates at the entrance.

"Enjoy a warm welcome and try a sport where you could become a club, county or national player. All players, even internationals start playing at local clubs, so give bowling a try."

The open day takes place on Saturday August 21 from 2pm to 5pm.

Head to for more details on the club.

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