Cancer survivor on massive 15,000-mile walking trek experiences acts of kindness during stops in Shipston and Banbury

A cancer survivor who has started a massive 15,000-mile walking trek from Birmingham to China experiences acts of kindness during stops in Shipton and Banbury this week.

By Matt Elofson
Friday, 1st October 2021, 1:56 pm
Updated Friday, 1st October 2021, 1:58 pm
Farid Feyadi, a fashion designer, is taking on a walking trek from Birmingham to China and made stops in Banbury and nearby Shipston

Farid Feyadi has embarked on a massive 15,000 mile walking trek from Birmingham to China to inspire others, especially those struggling with cancer.

Farid, who is a fashion designer with his own makeup and cosmetics brand called Frida London, said: "I am a cancer survivor. I want to be an inspiration for people who have cancer to not give up.

"I wanted to do something different to inspire people. I am a cancer survivor so I know what it's like to go through chemo therapy."

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Cancer survivor, Farid Feyadi, who has started a massive 15,000-mile walking trek from Birmingham to China experiences acts of kindness during stops in Shipton and Banbury this week. (Pictured outside the Banbury Mosque)

Farid started his walking trek at the University of Birmingham last Friday September 24.

He stopped in Shipston earlier this week and spoke of the kindness he experienced from people in town.

Farid said: "I arrived in Shipston and I was soaked with water from the rain so I went to the church. They gave me a place, and offered me food."

He spoke of the kindness shown to him at St Edmund's Church in Church Street, Shipston.

Farid posts regular updates on his Instagram account of his trek. He filmed a video thanking the church and its vicar, Rev Sarah Edmonds, for their kindness and posted it on his Instagram account.

Some of the video thanking the church said: "St Edmund's Church and its vicar Sarah...she was absolutely lovely. I really appreciate her kindness and hospitality from the start. The hot drink and they offered me food. Very lovely church. Very lovely people."

Farid also takes his social media followers on a virtual tour (in the video) of the church that showed him so much kindness.

He added: "I stayed one night at the church and then continued my journey to Banbury. And now the Banbury Mosque has done the same."

Farid carries with him the basic necessities such as a tent, a sleeping bag, clothing, several water bottles along with a few other items.

He said: "I walk and I push a trolley. Everything I have is about 87kg."

But it's the kindness of strangers has helped him along the way.

Farid said: "I go to a coffee shop and they see my trolley, and they don't want to charge me. People are so lovely."

He plans to finish his trek in Beijing.

He added: "It's more than 15,000 miles so I think it'll take maybe 18 months. Last time I lost 32kg and destroyed five pairs of shoes."

This is the second journey he's launched. In 2019 he started a very similar trek, but stopped in Jordan due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said: "In the first one I walked 4,600km and walked through 11 countries. I walked from London to Jordan. This time I am doing a different route."

Farid earned a degree in Chinese history, and has friends who are going to meet him at the Chinese border. It's there where 10 to 15 friends will join him in the walking trek from the border to Beijing.

Right now Farid's trek is not a fundraising challenge. But he plans to meet a friend when he reaches London to discuss the possibility of also raising money for a charity during his journey.