Bessy the French bulldog reunited with her Banbury owner

Bessy the French bulldog was reunited with family this afternoon, Saturday August 1.
Richard Woodall reunited with his BessyRichard Woodall reunited with his Bessy
Richard Woodall reunited with his Bessy

Almost exactly one week from when Bessy was reported missing to the authorities, including Thames Valley Police she was reunited with her family today.

Richard Woodall went out to work for a few hours Saturday morning July 25, and when he returned to his Gibbs Road home his dog, Bessy, was not in his back garden where he had left her. His son and his girlfriend were still at home, and they did not hear anything while Richard was away at work from 6.20 to 11.30am.

Richard said: "Very good news. I got my Bessy back."

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Details of how exactly Bessy was found are not clear, but a family friend called Richard today to give him the news she'd been found.

Bessy is a Frug, which is a French Bulldog and Pug mix with a black head and white body.

Richard said: "I've had her for six years. She sleeps with me on me bed every night. She's very loving.

"It was just like losing a member of your family.

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