Banbury's Longford Park finally has a functioning community centre

Residents of Longford Park in Banbury can finally look forward to making use of a new community centre after the ownership of the building was legally transferred to Cherwell District Council (CDC) almost 18 months late.

Bovis Homes marketing manager Paul Bennison, Barratt Homes sales manager Jemma Hill and Taylor Wimpey sales manager Lauren Murphy
Bovis Homes marketing manager Paul Bennison, Barratt Homes sales manager Jemma Hill and Taylor Wimpey sales manager Lauren Murphy

The Longford Park Consortium (LPC), comprising Taylor Wimpey Oxfordshire, Barratt Homes, and Bovis Homes, built the facility as part of the planning requirements for the development.

The transfer to council ownership took place in January after a number of complex legal details were finalised, with the building now available for the community on the Oxford Road.

The community centre was actually completed by the housing developer consortium in August 2018, but a dispute over the quality of fixtures and fittings between LPC and CDC meant it lay tantalisingly out of reach for the community, as reported by the Banbury Guardian in February last year.

Mark Edmonds, managing director at Taylor Wimpey Oxfordshire, said: “We understand that Longford Park residents have been eager to use the community centre for some time and I would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst the legal details were ironed out.

“It’s incredibly important to us as a housebuilder to create developments that not only include quality new homes but also a range of facilities that allow a real community to grow and flourish.

"We are all looking forward to seeing how Longford Park residents and the wider Banbury community make use of the new centre for many years to come.”

Alongside a main hall designed for a variety of uses and events with a fully demountable stage and PA system, the community centre also includes meeting rooms and a youth wing with equipment such as table football and pool tables.

Adrian Farr, managing director at Barratt Homes West Midlands, said: “We are very proud of the community we are building at Longford Park and the new community centre is the perfect addition to an already thriving development.

"As there are many families already living here, having a hub for community activity is really important and we look forward to witnessing more and more residents enjoying it.”

Paul Stafford, West Midlands managing director at Bovis Homes, added: “Community centres are frequently at the heart of our locations, and are very important to our residents.

"We believe this centre will help bring people at Longford Park, and the wider Banbury community, together and provide a vital hub.”

To enquire about booking a room at the Longford Park community centre, contact the Longford Park Community Association via