Banbury theatre company to show E-safety film - 'Do You Accept?' - in Cherwell schools this month

Banbury's Cherwell Theatre Company are providing support to young people online with their new digital project Do You Accept?

Monday, 1st March 2021, 10:07 am
Updated Monday, 1st March 2021, 10:16 am
Banbury's Cherwell Theatre Company are providing support to young people online with their new digital project Do You Accept?

This original film, written and directed by artistic director Tristan Jackson-Pate, and adapted from his 2017 play “The Web” is to be screened for year 6 pupils in Cherwell primary schools this spring, accompanied by live workshops led by the actors themselves- all delivered via Zoom.

Tristan Jackson-Pate said: “We’re delighted to have re-imagined this story for children in 2021. As a theatre company, we normally work entirely face to face, but at a time when online interaction has necessarily increased and visits from external companies pose a risk to schools, it’s great to share the film’s E-Safety message with children digitally.”

In the film, three young people find themselves lost in a world without boundaries, where a mysterious 'Voice' knows every detail of their lives – including their secrets. As the story unfolds, many questions are raised; 'how does your online life affect your life off-line?' and 'if you could erase your online self and start again, would you?'

Mr Jackson-Pate said: “The film doesn’t offer easy answers or dictate behaviour, but allows young people to explore their own relationship to social media through the prism of our characters.

"Through practical workshops, following each screening, children can interact with our actor-facilitators in character, explore their responses to the story with them and be signposted towards help, should they need it.”

As with all Cherwell Theatre projects, the project has been developed with and for young people.

Krage Brown, who plays Justin, a cyberbully, said: “The film uses the familiar language of a video conferencing call.

"So it worked particularly well to explore the script remotely with young people from CTC’s youth theatre over Zoom. They also did a fantastic job providing voice over for animated characters, when we shot the film at Banbury College in December.”

Do You Accept? has been funded by Cherwell District Council, Thames Valley Police, Oxfordshire Community Foundation and Arts Council England and will be screened at nine Cherwell primary schools later this month from March 15-26.

For more information visit their website here:

It's clear in these challenging times that online interactions will continue to form a crucial part of young people's social lives, their education and contribute to their sense of well-being.

Mr Brown added: “Banbury is very lucky to have such a great community of talented, passionate young performers as well as a very open and welcoming theatre company like CTC.

"I’m very excited for the schools to see such an important film and get young people thinking more about the importance of E-safety.”