Banbury residents take part in uplifting podcast - God’s Rollercoaster - in bid to cheer pandemic weary community

Banbury residents take part in uplifting podcast, the God’s Rollercoaster, launching on Friday April 30, hosted by Hazel Woodward in bid to cheer pandemic weary community.

Monday, 26th April 2021, 5:33 pm
Updated Monday, 26th April 2021, 5:34 pm
Hazel Woodward, host of the God’s Rollercoaster Podcast, announces launch of Episode 1 on Friday April 30.

Oxfordshire local, Hazel Woodward, launches the feel-good God’s Rollercoaster podcast to share stories of Banbury peoples’ encounters with God in their every day lives, boosting the community’s pandemic dampened spirits.

Addressing challenges from all walks of life, from prison and panic disorders to domestic abuse and depression, stress at work and suicidal thoughts to baby loss and bereavement, the podcast shares stories of real people in real life.

With uplifting tales of children’s dreams being fulfilled, to God providing reminders of His presence in the most mundane situations, host Hazel quizzes guests about the thrills and spills of their rollercoaster rides with God as they share their candid, personal accounts of how they have experienced Him.

The nine episodes in series one of the God’s Rollercoaster podcast asks listeners to relate their own journeys of faith with the inevitable ups and downs to the stories shared.

Each episode, released weekly, features Hazel reflecting on her guests’ stories with co-host, Lydia Berry, a Banbury resident, who is both a guest and a reflector.

Banbury is also the creative centre for the podcast, with Lydia’s company Waymaker Consulting based at Bloxham Mill, producing, editing and spreading the word about the podcast. Her husband Matt Berry, of Raindrop Sound Design, has composed the music and edited the podcast from his Banbury studios.

Hazel Woodward, host of the God’s Rollercoaster Podcast, said: “The idea for the podcast was inspired by the first lockdown of 2020.

"When speaking with God during this difficult time, He asked me what I most enjoyed doing. I reflected on my joy of the powerful impact of sharing stories and the idea for the God’s Rollercoaster podcast was born.

"I’m so proud of this project, and its connection to Banbury, and the local area as we follow Lena, Banbury local, aged 19, as she talks us through her faith journey as a young person growing up in the town.

"We have several guests from the Banbury area in the podcast so stay tuned for each episode as they get released, every Friday morning. This is just the beginning, real people sharing real stories is powerful, we’re already working on Series 2.”

To listen to the God’s Rollercoaster Podcast, visit Berry, director of Waymaker Consulting and co-host said: “As a Banbury resident, running a Banbury based company, featuring Banbury locals, I’m absolutely thrilled to see the God’s Rollercoaster podcast launch on 30th April.

"We can’t wait to build the God’s Rollercoaster community and see people’s reactions and engagement; Banbury has a vibrant and supportive community that we think will embrace these stories. We believe in the powerful truth of everyday people sharing their stories and the importance of giving people a voice, and the podcast encapsulates both of these perfectly.”