Banbury mum gets surprise Mother's Day song from 10-year-old son and actor Rob Brydon

As a Mother’s Day surprise for a Banbury mum, Helen & Douglas House hospice arranged for long-time supporter Rob Brydon, to sing a duet with her 10 year old, Nathan, who visits the hospice for respite stays.

Sunday, 14th March 2021, 7:44 am
As a Mother’s Day surprise for Banbury mum - Jenny Best - Helen & Douglas House hospice arranged for long-time supporter Rob Brydon, to sing a duet with her 10 year old, Nathan, who visits the hospice for respite stays.

Nathan’s mum Jenny Best heard the duet for the first time on BBC Radio Oxford during a live interview about Mother’s Day this morning, Friday March 12.

Rob Brydon agreed to sing a duet of ‘You are my sunshine’ with Nathan, who has been coming to the hospice for nine years. ‘You are my sunshine’ is a special song for Jenny, as she sings it to Nathan when he is sad to cheer him up.

Singing is one of Nathan’s favourite things to do when he comes to stay at the hospice which he calls ‘his favourite place in the world’. He also loves meeting the animals, baking and wrestling.

You can donate to the Helen & Douglas House hospice Mother’s Day appeal to help mum’s like Jenny through the following web link: duet was coordinated through a video chat with Rob Brydon and Nathan on Saturday March 6 while they were at the hospice in Oxford. While at the hospice on Saturday, the Helen & Douglas House team recorded Nathan singing – You are my sunshine.

Here's how you can watch the moving Mother's Day duet via YouTube:

On the video call Rob chatted to Nathan about all the things Nathan loves doing at the hospice. They talked for half an hour about everything from Nathan’s love of Captain Jack Sparrow, with Rob doing impressions for him, through to baking at the hospice which he says is ‘the best place in the world’.

They also talked about the animals that Nathan has met whilst staying at the hospice including rabbits and guinea pigs and Rob’s pet cats and hamster. They talked about Nathan’s love of wrestling and wrestling with the staff during this stays.

Nathan and Jenny Best

Nathan’s favourite team is Manchester United and they discussed different teams and football players as well as playing FIFA on the xbox.

Jenny said: "Meeting Rob Brydon was an absolute honour for Nathan and I and it was a real Mother’s Day treat. He was extremely kind and Nathan loved chatting away to him. This is just another way Helen & Douglas House make us feel special. We feel very special and honoured to have met Rob."

Nathan said: "He was really nice and he has a Hamster."