Banbury man raising money for Kashmir

A typical Kashmiri home
A typical Kashmiri home

A devastating earthquake hit the Pakistani portion of the disputed region of Kashmir on September 24 with a magnitude of 5.6.

It destroyed hundreds of homes, killed 40 confirmed people and injured almost 1,000 more.

Now Banbury taxi driver, Choundhry Khalid Amjum, is collecting donations to be sent to the families left in dire need after the natural disaster.

Mr Amjum has volunteered for many community projects and once ran for councillor in the Banbury ward of Grimsbury.

He also rraised funds for the region when it was last hit with an earthquake in 2005.

Anyone wishing to donate can call him on 07767 765016 and he will come to your house to collect.

Mr Ajmjum said: "If anyone wants to donate I will be very grateful."