Banbury man helps people smile with Easter Bunny giveaway campaign

The Easter Bunny made a visit to town helping children and their families smile in a Banbury neighbourhood.

Saturday, 3rd April 2021, 11:12 am
Banbury resident, Tracy Hextall, and her two children, William Hextall aged 9 and Matthew Hextall aged 3, enjoyed a visit with the Easter Bunny, also known as Prabhu Natarajan, who was giving away chocolates to children and their families.

Prabhu Natarajan dressed up in an Easter Bunny costume and passed out sweet treats to children and their families this morning (Wednesday March 31).

Lots of a families stopped to see the Easter Bunny as he made a visit to the Bretch Hill neighbourhood of town.

Prabhu said: "It's just to make kids and families happy. It makes us more happy... Happiness lies in giving.

Prabhu Natarajan dressed as the Easter Bunny as he gave away chocolates to the community today (Wednesday March 31).

"You will never believe. Banbury has given a lot of things to us... so it is our responsibility to give it back to community.

Prabhu has also organised an online fundraising campaign to help provide for nine Banbury families struggling during the ongoing pandemic.

With the help of some generous donations from some local businesses and residents Prabhu was able to have more than 2,000 chocolate Easter eggs to give away to the community.

Chocolates were sponsored by Andy Mack and Nicole Smith from Cyberhomes, Nicole Scantelbury and Martin Scantelbury from M&N Windows and Doors and Gigi Mathew and James Kuriakose from Banbury Cross Convenience Store.

Prabhu Natarajan has launched as Easter giveaway campaign to help those struggling during the pandemic. He will be giving away 1,500 face masks and 500 hand sanitisers to people in the community. Some of the face masks pictured at his home.

He donned the Easter Bunny costume from 6 to 9am today and again this afternoon from 2 to 5pm.

Tracy Hextall, a Banbury resident who's two children, William Hextall aged 9 and Matthew Hextall aged 3, enjoyed a visit with the Easter Bunny.

She said: "It's just amazing. I mean it's over and above what he (Prabhu) is doing for Easter, and then not forgetting what he done at Christmas time.

"The amount of things he has given away to all the children and parents this morning is just phenomenal.

"Prabhu and his family have brought such a sense of community to not just our estate, but our town as a whole. And to him and all the people that have donated to such a great cause I just can't thank them all enough. He has set up a just giving page and it would be such an achievement if we can get him to his target.

"He has such a special soul and I'm so grateful to have him as a friend and neighbour."

But Prabhu isn't stopping there he has also launched an online fundraising campaign to help provide for nine families who are struggling in town during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

He has launched the a JustGiving fundraising web page to help fund the community Easter giving operation. He plans a 50-mile charity walk on Saturday as the Easter Bunny to help raise the money.

If you would like to help Prabhu reach his target of £4,500 you can contribute to the campaign here: said: "As we all know that within few weeks lockdown will be lifted. To stop further spreading of the virus, we are planning to gift 1,500 face masks and 500 hand sanitisers by myself dressing up as Bunny.

"On Saturday, the Easter Bunny will be going for a 50 mile charity walk by gifting above items to raise £4,500 to change the life of nine families."

This is not the first time Prabhu, who works as a carer at a Banbury care home, has given his time and money to the community during the pandemic.

Prabhu Natarajan and his son, Addhu, dressed as superheroes - Mr Incredible and Captain America - respectively as they give away packets of food and gifts for local children on the 18th, the same day as his son's sixth birthday earlier this year in January.

Prabhu also received an 'Unsung Hero' award from MP Victoria Prentis for his service to the communities of Banbury.

He has been delivering food to those in need throughout the pandemic, also provided dozens of children with gifts in the run up to Christmas

With help from two of his neighbours, Prabhu transformed his front garden into a festive grotto, with a selection of toys and treats for the children to take away at Christmas.