Banbury leader sets sights on the Horton Hospital

Horton General HospitalHorton General Hospital
Horton General Hospital
The new chairman of one of the largest fraternal organisations in the world is asking Banbury residents to help him raise funds for the town's hospital.

Leroy Strickland is the chair of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) Grand Lodge of England and Grand Primo of the Oxford District and Province, and he has chiosen fundraising for the Horton Hospital his prime goal of his year in charge.

Leroy said: "I am asking every resident in Banbury and surrounding villages, businesses, and venues to please put their hands in their pockets and help to raise funds for the Horton General Hospital.

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"We need to try and save the maternity and emergency departments."

Leroy is hoping to host events throughout the year at pubs and other venues to raise money and is keen to hear ideas and get as many people on board.

He added: "If we don't have good health care our future could be in jeopardy."

To contact Leroy email [email protected].

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